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Lifestyle vs. Tabletop Product Photography

As a company how do you want to show off your products? Who is the clientele buying your products? What is your company's voice? All these questions are essential when it comes to the style of your company's product photography.

Table Top Photography

If your company is starting out it most likely needs standard or catalog product photography. This may look different for every company. But in the most standard way, it looks like your product on a white background.

It can also be more stylized. Your company's product photography could be in the form of still-life imagery. Giving your product lots of style and emotion.

There are many ways for your imagery to be enhanced through tabletop product photography. Getting standard clean imagery or stunning creative still-life photos.

Lifestyle Photography

Once your company has its standard catalog product photography it can be important to show your product off using lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography is able to give your product context so that your customers know what they are buying.

The great thing about lifestyle product photography is that it can be done in so many different ways and in so many different places. It can be done in the studio just like tabletop product photography. Or it can be done in the outdoors or in many types of buildings, for example, the image above was shot in a spa. The next two images were shot in a studio that is made to look like a bathroom.

As a Salt Lake product photographer, one of my favorite places to do lifestyle product photography is up in the mountains. Although you are not in the studio you can still get great and controlled imagery. I even bring my studio lights outdoors in order to control the lighting.

If you are just starting out and need some standard catalog product photography or you are ready to step up your business and get creative still-life imagery or remarkable lifestyle product photography I can help you! Send me a message and let me know what your needs are. You can also check out more of my imagery if you would like.

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