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What is a Brand Photographer?

A brand photographer captures imagery for a company. This imagery portrays the company's brand, identity, and voice. They need to understand the importance of creating a visual language that speaks to a company's target audience. They work with businesses to create high-quality images that can be used for social media, advertising, websites, and other marketing materials.

An ad for a medical company showing a branded photo of a group of doctors.

Example of an image that matches the company's branding. Notice how black is used to show sophistication and elegance. This image is showing the company Form Spa & Ward MD which is a sponsor for Ballet West.

Do you need brand photography?

Brand photography is essential for you to be able to market your company. These photos ensure that your company's aesthetic matches your company's identity. Photos can play a large part in making your company's identity recognizable. Remember that this is possible because a brand photographer knows the importance of your voice. If you have photos that do not match your brand then your customer is left confused or without an impression, then they will move on and choose a different company for their needs.

What do these photos look like?

As stated above, photos for your company must match the specific identity that it has. This is done in many ways. Below are 3 ways that I make photos match your brand.

1. Color

Most companies have a color palette that is a part of their brand guide. Using these wisely will add to the branding. Using color precisely is something I do while taking and editing the images. Color can also create brand recognition, enhance the brand style, affect mood, emotion, and tone, and increase company visibility.

A product photo of blue and gold skincare bottles on top of a backdrop with yellow leaves.

This image is for FormRX Skincare. Notice how the blue shadows and yellow leaves in the background tie into the same color palette of the bottles themselves.

2. Mood

Matching a brand's mood is very important. The mood is what sets the tone of the company. It can also tell a story, which is a very strong tool for marketing. If you have a company that sells recycled material clothing you don't want dark and contrasty images that don't match the vision of the company. It would be better to have your imagery light and airy with lots of earth-tone colors.

A person sitting in a backpacking hammock. The scene is in a forested location.

The product highlighted in this image is a compact backpacking hammock. See how the mood matches the product. It gives off an outdoorsy and natural feel. This is done through color, lighting, and location the image was taken.

3. Plan

I make sure to have a plan of how I will make imagery for your brand. This includes the location of where the photos will be taken, the props and clothing used in the images, the lighting of the images, and how I edit the images. A plan helps me ensure that I can achieve the desired outcome of the company. With a clear idea of what they want to accomplish, I can focus on capturing photos that meet the goals of the company. This will help save time and make sure that the final images meet and go beyond the expectations of the company.

A person taking a photo in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Image used for Field Optics Research Company's tripod box. The company is an outdoor tripod company. The box this image was used for is the same tone of orange as shown in the image above. Shooting this image around red rock was essential to match the box.

A person taking a photo of an icy lake with a cool blue sky and lake.

Another image used for Field Optics Research Company's tripod box. The box this image was used for is the same tone of blue as shown in the image above. Another example of the importance of planning a photoshoot.

Personal Branding for Your Company

Having your branding personal and unique is your next step. But why is this important? Having a unique brand is important because it makes your business different, promotes recognition and credibility, it creates an emotional connection between your clients and your company, and will help communicate your values. By creating a unique brand with strong branded images you can build an identity that resonates with customers and will lead your business to success.

If you have a clear brand already established I can help you get the images that represent your company to its fullest. If you are just on the first steps of making a brand send me a message and I can help you along the way! Fill out the form below and I will be in contact with you. If you would like to see more examples of branded photos check out my gallery.

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